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My Top 5 of Bali’s best beaches you shouldn’t miss

Bali – the paradise has a lot to offer: volcanoes, wide rice fields, tropical forests, little monkeys, amazing markets, an unique culture, a breathtaking underwater world and picturesque beaches. It’s no miracle why Bali became a very beloved travel destination!   Whoever travels to Bali, does so because of amazing beaches – be honest with yourself! 😉

Bali has unique beaches and I want to share with you my personal Top 5! In contrast to travel agencies and other websites I will not send you to Kuta or Jimbaran beach. Those might be nice beaches, but not unique – mainly tourist magnets and I wanna spare you that. Of course there are many more beaches, but these are the best I’ve seen myself.

# 5: Seminyak Beach

I gonna start with a pretty well-known one, because it’s a good one to start in Bali itself.

Seminyak is not Kuta – but not far away neither. It’s in the North of Kuta and quite touristy, although Seminyak is rather calm compared to Kuta.

The width of the beach were used perfectly by all the little beach bars. Sit down on a beanbag or lay on a sunlounger under a parasol and take a sip from your ice-cold cocktail. We often enjoyed the sunset there and had a delicious corn cob for dinner – only 1$.

In Seminyak, you can reach everything by walking and it’s also not too far from the airport. For these reasons it allows you an easy start at the island, from where you can orientate and plan the next steps.

Beaches in Bali: The Seminyak Beach offers a lot of space with it's width. Good for parasols and beanbags which are very inviting for sunset
Despite a lot of people, Seminyak has a wonderful atmosphere

#4: Amed Beach

In the meanwhile Amed is kinda popular as well – for a good reason!

This black beauty is fascinating by the black beaches and the amazing view of the volcano from the beach.

Don’t forget to rent a moped to see the other black beaches and coves along the coast.

In contrast to the colorless beach the underwater life is amazingly colorful! If you love snorkeling and diving, you should better plan a stay in Amed as well!

Beaches in Bali: black beach with boats and a volcano in the background
The black beauty – Amed Beach
Beyond the beaches in Amed lays a colorful underwater world with hard and soft corals and sponges
Amed’s breathtaking marine life

#3: Bingin Beach

Bingin – the picture-perfect, but hidden surfer village. It was really difficult to find out the name, because it was rather a coincidence that we got there.

The Bingin Beach is located at the Nusa Dua. If you drive towards this google maps pin, you will not miss the parking lot. From here there are signs to lead you the way to the beach.

The fascinating fact is that the houses (homestays, cafés etc.) are built on the cliff – very Italian or Greek . So you will have to weave through the little aisles between the houses to get to the beach.

I guess I don’t have to point out what breathtaking views those homestays have. Make yourself a picture and order an iced tea or some food in one of the houses!

The atmosphere in this little surfer place is unbelievable relaxed – fits perfectly to the image.

The Uluwatu temple is not far from here. Maybe you can combine the beach with the Kecak dance performance in the evening.

Beaches in Bali: view on the Bingin beach from a above, small white beach stripe with black rocks, blue water
View of the Bingin beach from above

#2: Suluban Beach

This beach is a real gem! The Suluban Beach – also known as Blue Point – is a very tiny cove.

When you walk down the stairs, you end up on a tiny beach surrounded by cliffs.

From this point lots of surfers jump into the water and catch some amazing waves. Even if you’re not a surfer, it’s worth a visit! You can relax in the shady cove and watch the waves breaking on the rocks, or you could also take another path and take a glimpse from above.

Hidden beaches in Bali: in the end of the stairs is a tiny narrow cove, which is framed by the cliffs
The view into the little cove from the stairs
Hidden beaches in Bali: narrow rock cove with strong waves
Amazing rock formation at Suluban Beach
Beaches in Bali: Blue water and huge rocks with big waves
Rocky, blue idyll – it deserved the name “blue point”

#1: Green Bowl Beach – the green gem within Bali’s beaches!

The way down to the beach already impressed me! An old, almost mystical staircase leads to the Green Bowl Beach.

You are very likely to see monkeys on the way down or up as they swing in the trees next to the stairs. So you definitely wanna take your helmet or leave it with the Indonesian people for a few bucks. This way your helmet doesn’t get used as an accessory by the monkeys.

At the end of the stairs, a breathtaking view opens as if you were in a holiday commercial! A dream beach will impress you by the crystal-clear water, the green rocks and the lush overgrown cliffs!

Beaches and monkeys: monkeys sitting on the edge of the stairs to observe the visitors
This will be a right place for you, if you love monkeys
The most beautiful of Bali's beaches: big rocks and little green rocks adorn the Green Bowl Beach, the ocean water is flat and calm
The view in the end of the mystical stair case
Beaches can be very different: this beach has green covered rocks and green overgrown cliffs with calm crystal-clear water
Bali’s green oasis – the Green Bowl Beach

If you are planning a trip to Bali soon and still need some basic information, I can recommend the guide by The Jetsetter Diaries. You’ll find all the important and necessary information here!

What is your favorite beach? How does a beach become your favorite beach?

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