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Whether you are a long-term traveler or a digital nomad, everyone can use some good advise & recommendation.

So browse through these awesome resources to find what you need! Click one of the two topics below to dive right in.

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Travel Resources

Booking Websites for accommodation

There are websites that I use frequently to book my stays but it extremely depends on the purpose of the stay.

When it comes to short stays (e.g. near airports, the first days in a new city or short trips), 9 out of 10 times I end up booking through Booking.com. The other time, I would find something on HotelsCombined or AirBnB.

If I am looking for monthly rentals, I usually check AirBnB, Vrbo, and local Facebook Groups.

To get more details, read the article below.

Finding Flights

I love looking for flights to find the cheapest & most time efficient flights. I mean it’s nice to pay $300 less but if it adds 12h of flight time, I am usually out. Well, unless we really have to save some money or I couldn’t find anything else (the latter is rarely the case).

Over the years, I build up a real strategy to find the best flight deals. There are so many websites available, where you can look for flights. My first visit is always Skyscanner. I just love the option that you don’t have to know the exact date or destination. It is perfect for more spontaneious travelers. However, some of their 3rd party providers aren’t the greatest. So you have to make sure, where you book. Kiwi and Expedia are always good options. The best would be the Airline itself, though.

Momondo is another good source to show prices, once you figured out the “from” and “to”. I had it quite often that I actually could find better options on momondo.

Skyscanner also allows alerts, which can be helpful if you don’t have the time to actually check every day. Another tool for tracking flight prices is the Hopper App (iOS & Android).

Websites for car rentals

Who doesn’t like an adventurous road trip?!

In this case, I have to use the “we” form because car rentals are often a comparison of multiple services that we both use. I sometimes use a German website, he checks his bank institute and then I check Rentalcars.com. This needs to be a new blog post topic because there are plenty of options to compare here.

Booking tours

To be honest: I do not book tours very often. The reason for this is simple. Most of the times, I am in one area for a couple of weeks or months. Therefore, I can book tours in person.

However, I know sometimes we all need to plan a little ahead. Therefore I can recommend Viator or Get Your Guide to book certain tours in advance. You’ll see some recommendations in some destination blog posts.

Helpful Facebook groups for traveling

There are good Facebook groups and bad ones. It is hard to find really supportive and helpful groups. That’s why I thought I should include this here.

P.S. I am part of all these 😉

P.P.S. If you are looking for destination-specific tips, a Facebook search can probably help you as well (i.e. Peru expats, Montenegro travel).

Digital Nomad Resources

Building a website

Whatever your business will look like you’ll most likely need a website.

If you build a normal website, you should always host it. I use Namecheap (and Siteground) for registering domains. I host my websites on Siteground, because I found the customer super helpful so far. This website uses “Page Builder Framework” as a theme and is built with Elementor Pro, as well as WPML for the bilingual style.

If you are thinking about building a drop ship store or if you want to sell your own products (if it’s not digital), I can recommend Shopify. It’s easy to use! I used it a couple of times for online stores. 

Courses to improve your skills & to build a successful business

Thanks to the internet, you can always learn something new. I usually take courses regularly to stay on top of everything and to broaden my knowledge.

Udemy and Skillshare are great places to start with. If you start the drop ship path, you could also check out DropShip Lifestyle.

Improve the workflow of your business

As you well know, time is money. Therefore, you should always try to find the most effective workflows. 

Asana, Slack, and XMind can help you with project management and mapping out business ideas, as well as goals.

Cloud services are obviously great for backups, but they are also useful for sharing files with assistants.

For international business calls, Skype in conjunction ith Google Voice is a perfect way to keep a US phone number.

And last but not least: VPNs. The life savors. Sometimes it is extremely useful to have a VPN in order to access websites or see certain search results. 

(Of course, social media schedulers and god editing software improve workflows as well, but they deserve an own section below.)

Social Media Helpers - Because the reach is so important

Without social media, no business. Whether you want to cover all social media channels or just one, you’ll at least need an editing program (Adobe for photos and/or videos, Filmora only for videos). With Adobe you can also use presets and batch editing in order to speed up the workflow.

Then Buffer and Tailwind can help you to schedule the content. So you don’t have to share your content daily. Schedule things weekly or monthly and use your time more wisely.

Useful things for a digital nomad life

Work isn’t everything. In order to complete the digital nomad resources, we also have to think about the private life.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the places to watch movies and TV shows everywhere. 

For the financial section, Chase and Transferwise are great options. Chase offers an amazing Travel Credit Card. Transferwise offers the ability to accept payments in multiple currencies and they also have credit cards now. Although the withdrawal fees are not as useful as with the Chase CC.

Helpful Facebook groups for digital nomads

There are good Facebook groups and bad ones. It is hard to find really supportive and helpful groups. That’s why I thought I should include this here.

P.S. I am part of all these 😉

If you are looking for destination-specific tips, a Facebook search can probably help you as well (i.e. Peru expats, Philippines Digital Nomads).

Business-related Groups:

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