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OH YEAH! My own blog!

Some weeks ago I decided to share my journeys and my way to a digital nomad without no further ado. I was unhappy with the current situation and couldn’t imagine working as a social worker in Germany. I need more freedom, so I wanna start a life free from these typical boundaries. A long time ago I noticed travel blogs and that people earn money online. However, at that time I couldn’t imagine doing that and dismissed this idea for me.

The feeling of freedom, when you are standing at the most beautiful beach, the waves breaking close to shore, mountains in the background
Pure Freedom!

This time its totally different! Quickly I was in a brainstorming-mode for finding a good name – it had to be something special, suitable, and also catchy. I wanted to develop a brand! Soon it was clear:

 Unbridled by Nate the Nomad!

Free, boundless, unpinned – That’s where I wanna be! I wanna unleash myself from the classic job and off to freedom! Seeing the world and working on the way; arranging working hours by myself and explore every grain of sand:

Location-independent working – my unbridled life.

After the decision for a name, I’ve put the idea into action – a few clicks later I was registering the domain and hosting it. Now it was official and I was incredibly nervous. I had this extreme feeling of happiness because I knew for what I just decided. A life around the world!

For years I am already seeing the typical 9 to 5 job as a pastern. Working 5 days a week, to live from weekend to weekend and swinging from annual vacation to the other. At the beginning of a semester, I am already craving for the semester break. And keep going like this the whole life?! With only 24 holidays a year?! That wouldn’t make me happy! But life is too precious to waste it with unhappiness!

The feeling of freedom, when you are standing on top of the Kaau Crater on Oahu, breathtaking view, east coast
Such moments made me happy – here on top of the Kau’u Crater (Hawai’i)

Looking back one year, the inner happiness resurfaces like butterflies in my stomach! By that time I lived in Hawai’i – an idyllic place, which totally put a spell on me with its vibes and nature. My week consisted of hiking twice at a minimum, swimming, snorkeling, diving. And of course 100.000 homework assignments, which I finished in a blink because I rather spent time exploring the island than sitting in my crappy room. Every time, when I was on an adventure, I felt incredibly happy, that I almost could have hugged every tree, every bush, the beach – yeah pretty much everything. There I already had a mix of adventure and school. Next year I am going to replace school with working online.

Freedom to studying at the beach, mountains in the background, blue ocean
Working at the beach? Probably not – it’s pretty uncomfortable and distracting, but I tried!
To give you an insight of how I picture life as a digital nomad, I thought about a perfect day for me:
  • Getting up quite early
  • Coffee and a light breakfast (extremely perfect version: my boyfriend wakes me up with the smell of freshly brewed coffee)
  • Packing stuff, snacks and drinks
  • 1-3 hours activity: hiking, diving, swimming, surfing, exploring an area by walking, …
  • When the sun burns most extremely, back to cool home
  • Maybe a nap
  • Grabbing my Laptop and working
    • Alternatively go working in a café, bar, or restaurant
  • Enjoying sunset (because this moment calms me down; I can go into myself and resume; for me it’s a magical moment like stargazing at night)
  • Work again, because I have no problem to do that later too (and I am actually productive at night time)
The feeling of freedom, when you watch a stand-up paddler paddling into the wide ocean at sunset

I had such perfect days in Hawai’i and on our workation in Indonesia. Maybe it’s naïve, but not every day has to look like this – otherwise, it would get “boring”. However, I wanna have those days more often than only on vacation. This includes a happy and balanced life for me!

This is my personal goal!

In my next articles, I will tell you, how I came to the conclusion to change my life, where I have been to already and also what I am learning in a matter of being self-employed. Hence it will be a mix of exploring and learning.

How does your perfect day look like? Share it with me and the others in a comment!

Wachse mit Unbridled World!

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Wer schreibt denn hier eigentlich?

Wer schreibt denn hier eigentlich?

Abenteuerin, digitale Nomadin, und Freiheitssuchti - Das bin ich, Nate the Nomad!
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