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New Start – New Design – New Life

The time has come! I finally made the big step: a new start of a new life! I sold all my stuff. I moved out. I entered the airplane and 27 hours later I arrived in Hawai’i to start my unbridled life full of travel and adventure with my partner. I officially consider myself a digital nomad now.

New start – new design

I figured this is the best time to redesign my blog. Over the last months, I’ve been thinking about it and finally took action. I wanted more freedom in customization so that it looks more individual. I also want to make things easily accessible for you, so that you find everything you need faster. Since I am doing this for my readers, I’d appreciate if you would take a few seconds to write a comment. What do you think about the new design? Do you have any suggestions for improvements? Be honest, I can deal with it! I want to optimize everything for you, so go ahead and type in your opinion!

New life with lots of sunsets at the beach

Do what YOU want and not what others expect you to do!

My new life started around the beach a lot

The final period before I sat on my first flight, I was more stressed than at any other time in my life. It was a hell of a ride – through offices, preparations, and miles-long to do lists. At the same time, I had to say goodbye to my old life and all my awesome friends and family members. So it was not only the organizational stress, but also emotional stress. This was accompanied by Germany’s “great” weather (cloudy and rainy) and the political situation. It stressed me out in so many ways – you can probably imagine!

Now I am sitting here, everything is taken care of, I am launching my redesigned website and I am back to my optimistic and positive thinking – Damn, I missed this enthusiasm!

What’s the plan now?

I want to do more of the stuff I do with passion: Blogging. Hence, I want to post on a regular basis again to give you as much information about traveling and living an unbridled life as possible.

I also want to focus more on my readers! So please, don’t hesitate and write a comment or email to ask me questions or to give me suggestions, tips or topics you want to read about!

Grow with Unbridled World now!

Create. Live. Thrive.

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Curious who writes here?

Curious who writes here?

Adventurer, digital nomad, and freedom seeker - that's me, Nate the Nomad!
In October 2016, I packed my bags in Berlin and been roaming the world with my husband ever since.
We are slow travelers, who enjoy the freedom of the location-independent life. We love to go on little adventures and learn about new cultures everywhere we go.

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