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One of the tiniest and youngest countries in Europe, but full of adventures – That’s Montenegro. Travel Montenegro and enjoy a broad variety of nature and sights that will quench your exploration thirst. From kayaking one of Europe’s deepest canyons to strolling through narrow cobblestone streets in Kotor. Visit the Ostrog Monastery that is carved in rocks, or hike the mountains in Durmitor and Lovcen National Park. Take a boat ride to encounter the Lady of the Rocks or explore the stunning Skadar Lake. Traveling in Montenegro means pure adventure as it provides so many options.

We have spent 2.5 months in this beautiful country and eventually fell heads over heels in love with it. If you travel Montenegro, make sure you pick any off-season time as it is less crowded. So everything around July and August would be perfect to avoid tourist crowds while still enjoying summer temperatures.

Do you want to read some general travel information about Montenegro? Click here!

Best time to visit Montenegro

As it is located in the South-East of Europe, Montenegro has a relatively mild climate.

High season: Mid July until Mid August

This is the touristy season when you have to expect crowded beaches and sights. You can expect hot and sunny days with fewer rainy days. Prices for accommodation will be doubled in this season because many people close their places in low season.

Shoulder season: May until Mid July & Mid August until October

Perfect time for a more relaxed vacation! It will be still warm but expect some rainy days. While businesses are still open or are opening, you can experience Montenegro to the fullest.

Low season: November until April

I wouldn’t really recommend spending time in Montenegro during the low season unless you are a winter sports fan. Many restaurants and some sights close during this time of the year. So your options are pretty narrow.

Helpful information about the country

  • Currency: Euro
  • Language: Montenegrin (similar to Croatian and Serbian)
  • Public Transportation: The bus system is amazing! You can get almost everywhere by bus. If there is no bus stop in the city, village or at the beach of your desire, you can ask the bus driver politely. The often make extra stops to drop off people or pick them up. You can basically wave at the bus when it comes closer.
  • Airports: Tivat and Podgorica (capitol), Dubrovnik is also not far from Kotor
  • Tourist Visum: Many countries (including Germany & USA) are allowed to stay 90 days without a visa. Check out this page for further info.
  • Tipping: Round up or give 5-10% tips unless they already charge for service. More info: Tipping in Montenegro.
  • Safety: We experienced great hospitality and friendliness from the people in Montenegro. I never felt unsafe. People are sometimes a little rough, but I mostly got a smile back when I tried to pronounce a Montenegrin word.