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6 Photos to fall in love with Budva’s old town

I fell head over heels in love with Budva. This marvelous little old town captivates with a magical vibe inside and outside their Mediterranean-medieval fortress walls. Built at the Adriatic seaside, Budva’s old town blends in perfectly with the surrounding mountain and blue sea (excluding the modern buildings on purpose). Therefore it provides a picture-perfect object for photography.

Strolling through Budva’s old town

Coming from the main beach in Budva, we walked past innumerable boats in the harbor. Thinking out loud: Wouldn’t it be great to own a yacht or sailboat already and dock in this harbor?!

Once we came closer to the fortress walls, we were enthralled by the impressive appearance. High walls with tiny doors that let you access Budva’s old town. You can walk around on the land side within a few minutes. So it’s not particularly large, but it’s still gorgeous. Taking a look from the side, it looks like a little village protected from the outside.

Budva's old town from the side
Budva’s old town from the side

When I walked through the gate into the old town, I felt torn away to a time long ago. While strolling through the narrow cobblestone streets, I tried to imagine how it must have been, when it was a functioning fortress.

The entrance to a different time - Budva's old town is fascinating
The medieval entrance to a different time

Today’s souvenir and jewelry shops replaced people’s houses and shops from back in the days. When you visit Budva, sit down in one of the cozy restaurants to soak in the Mediterranean vibes of this fortified city.

View of the mountains and sea from the citadel in Budva's old town
Mountains, sea and a gorgeous old town – What else do you need?!

Visit Budva Off-season

Being here after the high season is definitely a win because these narrow streets can get crowded super quickly. I pictured how it must be in July and August when the high season hits Budva. The paths probably are packed with tour groups, which makes it harder to stroll through the old town freely.

Empty narrow street in Budva's old town (Montenegro)
Empty alleys in the off-season

Budva from the outside

Once you explored Budva’s old town with the church and citadel, you can take a different perspective from the pier in the North. From there, you will have a fantastic view of the fortress with the glorious mountains and the tiny island off the coast. Sit down, drop our feet into the cooling clear water and enjoy the view under the warming sun.

Outside view of Budva's old town with the mountains in the background
Breathtaking views from the outside of the fortress walls

When we sat there, I realized how amazing it is to stay at this place for longer. We have the time to enjoy this view and don’t have to rush through it within a few days. It reminded me of the benefits of being location-independent. For a minute I also thought about the locals, who can have these glorious views every day in their life – the mountains, the coast, the sea, and Budva’s beautiful old town.

Are you convinced to put Budva on your bucket list now? 😀

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