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Affiliate & Ads

I believe in transparency in normal life, as well as in the worldwide web. Therefore, I want to explain what “affiliate” means, how I use it to afford this blog, where I use ads, and what I get sponsored for.

What is the meaning of “Affiliate”?

In one easy word: Partner. I am basically a partner of the service I link to. An affiliate link leads to a product, platform, booking website, or similar. As I am a partner, I will receive a commission in case you click and purchase. There are no additional costs for you. Sometimes you will even get an extra bonus (i.e. less costs or money bonus).

Why am I using affiliate links?

I only use services that I truely can recommend. So when I am sure that the product, service, tour or hotel room is relevant to the content of the article and would be of your interest, I use an affiliate link. So see the links as real recommendations  from a friend or fellow traveler.

As I am running this blog in my leisure time and you know time is precious, I include affiliate links to perceive a little compensation for my afford.

So in the end, you would support me and the blog, when you use my links.

This would also give me the assurance that you found the information useful and helpful, which means even more to me.

Ads on Unbridled World

I am not offering ad spaces to companies, nor do I make money from placing links to websites. I don’t like it when other’s do it because I don’t think it’s authentic.

I currently run no ads other than affiliate programs on this website.

Sponsored trips

I may get a sponsored stay or tour here and there. This will be indicated at the top of each post.

Just to make it clear: My opinion is not something anyone can buy. I see those experiences as work because I gather all the necessary information, I write about it, and I post about it on social media. If there is something negative about it, I will point it out, honestly.

Unpaid trips

Simply means: I paid it all on my own. This is the most common case on this blog. So if not marked as “sponsored”, the content is a result of my own travels without any coorperation (affiliate is different and indicated at the top).

So to be as transparant as possible, you’ll always know, what is paid, unpaid, or affiliate.