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Never forget to take adventures

Let’s be honest for a second: Everyday life sucks badly in the long run! What could refresh the daily grind? Exactly, you guessed right – Adventures!

I love to throw myself into new adventures!! Moving out of my comfort zone, being active after sitting on the desk most of the week, sweating my ass off on hikes. It’s just a great way to re-establish balance.

The excitement before doing something new, e.g. a night dive or skydive, is just irreplaceable!

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What are "adventures" for me?

Some people probably think “Puh, adventures – I don’t like bungee jumping, sky diving, etc.”. Yeah, me neither. Although I probably gonna try it one day, it’s not the typical adventure, I’d choose.

I love hiking, scuba diving, and some off-road adventures. However, this may not sound exciting enough for some people.

Here, at Unbridled World, I count everything that challenges you outside of your work time. Online work can be tiring sometimes and then even a stroll through a new city (including getting lost) could be an adventure.

Get out of the house

There are times that I get so focused on a project that days fly by and I don’t even notice. Taking the time to go on adventures isn’t always possible but necessary. Rent a kayak, SUP, or just hop on the next tuc tuc to explore the world around. And bet one thing:

You always got a story to tell!

No one wants to hear that you solved a difficult coding problem. No one wants to hear that you gained 500 followers this week. But what do people like to hear? Anyone?

Exactly, an exciting, maybe funny, adventurous story! The type of story that you’ll never forget.

That’s at least my way of thinking.

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